Change Log


Important changes with links to features.
Most releases contain new Crowdin translations, not mentioned in comments.

Release date and link Notes, Added Feature, etc.
27th Mar 2024 Cleanup G7 status
10th Mar 2024 OB1 backfill beyond start, remove battery for G7
6th Mar 2024 Simplera as companion app, dot size
5th Mar 2024 Download treatments only NSFollow, fix G7 identification
24th Feb 2024 No need to start G7, download NS treatments from xDrip
20th Feb 2024 Increase AAPS status line length
17th Feb 2024 Stop G7 only in eng mode
15th Feb 2024 NFC scan fix Android 14
14th Feb 2024 Add ONE+
7th Feb 2024 AOD improvements, no stop G7
16th Jan 2024 Eversense. Broadcast compatibility for older AAPS versions.
13th Jan 2024 b - Eversense
13th Jan 2024 Add Eversense to Companion app. Improve broadcast compatibility.
10th Jan 2024 Plugin fix get intercept.
5th Jan 2024 Keep BT on for airplane mode.
2nd Jan 2024 Fix cal for native sensors stop.
23rd Dec 2023 Update status pages.
16th Dec 2023 Quick start guide. Adding CareSens Air
15th Dec 2023 G7 fixes. Insulin list.
11th Dec 2023 IPv6. Sync with upstream AndroidX.
7th Dec 2023 G7 data table, expiry. AndroidX migration.
5th Dec 2023 CareLink fixes. Notification channel fix.
29th Nov 2023 CareLink follower fix and optimization.
28th Nov 2023 History 1 min. G7 24h backfill. CareLink auth.
21st Nov 2023 G7: no initial calibration, warmup and firmware updates. Android lib 28
14th Nov 2023 Update Health Connect for Android 14
7th Nov 2023 New G7 firmware
4th Nov 2023 New insulin types
24th Oct 2023 Companion app delay, backup options Wi-Fi only
17th Oct 2023 G6 raw timestamp block, Oppo in wake workaround list
8th Oct 2023 CareLink follow reCaptcha and token refresh
6th Oct 2023 Mod TX hard reset
24th Sep 2023 Remove G5 setting, update toast message
23rd Sep 2023 Companion app fixes, new Tidepool authentication
8th Sep 2023 Aidex broadcast fix
27th Aug 2023 Companion app filter improvement
26th Aug 2023 Repeating values check
23rd Aug 2023 Companion app filter improvement
19th Aug 2023 Carelink login error
18th Aug 2023 b - Companion app filter improvement
18th Aug 2023 Companion app additional packages
10th Aug 2023 Emergency assist on lower value
30th Jul 2023 Code cleanup
16th Jul 2023 OB1 always enabled
13th Jul 2023 Omnipod companion app, Carelink follower new countries
8th Jul 2023 WebService http, mock data source
6th Jul 2023 Companion Omnipod app support
2nd Jul 2023 OB1 fix
1st Jul 2023 OB1 fix, IoB in Pebble, TX days for mod TX
29th Jun 2023 CareLink server authentication change
28th Jun 2023 CareLink follow server change
24th Jun 2023 Don't start G6 without connectivity
17th Jun 2023 Silent NS upload notification, device status improvements
15th Jun 2023 Min SDK version 23
9th Jun 2023 Libre patched data source smoothing options
8th Jun 2023 Libre filtering, NS upload error message clear
26th May 2023 Carelink follow updates
25th May 2023 Add newer Libre 2 EU (requires new OOP2)
23rd May 2023
14th May 2023 Carelink follower update, large values filtering,
3rd May 2023
2nd May 2023 Import sounds default to off
24th Apr 2023 Fix glucose meter broken scanning
23rd Apr 2023 Remove G4
22nd Apr 2023 New G6 firmware, add G7
20th Apr 2023
17th Apr 2023
16th Apr 2023
13th Apr 2023 Filtering is default,
11th Apr 2023 Add insulin types
10th Apr 2023
8th Apr 2023 OB1 is default, linear ascending volume
7th Apr 2023 Add Carelink pump status, Samsung workaround detection for more vendors
28th Mar 2023 b - Fix G6 Tx connected logic
28th Mar 2023 IoB to WatchDrip+, don't start G6 if Tx not connected, QR codes handling update
23rd Mar 2023 Removed old logs, set wake workaround for all brands
15th Mar 2023 Plugin interface and keks library
6th Mar 2023 Y axis manual scale
26th Feb 2023 Add support for MM using OOP2 on wear app
23rd Feb 2023 Samsung workaround renamed
20th Feb 2023 Added NS SDK
15th Feb 2023 1 minute readings in engineering mode
11th Feb 2023 Add sensor expiry notification and limit BG to 400
8th Feb 2023 Oneplus as below
7th Feb 2023 MIUI 13+ android non-compatibility workaround
6th Feb 2023 Wake screen and flashlight alerts
2nd Feb 2023 Newer Libre 14 days US support (need new OOP2)
1st Feb 2023
28th Jan 2023 Add support for kotlin
27th Jan 2023
26th Jan 2023 Tidepool new authentication
18th Jan 2023 Database import fix
17th Jan 2023 Companion app extra info
16th Jan 2023
12th Jan 2023 Plugin for new One
24th Dec 2022 Fix for devices without Google Play services
9th Dec 2022 Iob display fix
5th Dec 2022 Minimed mobile companion app
27th Nov 2022 Google Health Connect
16th Nov 2022 Aidex fix
15th Nov 2022 Disable engineering mode sound and vibration warning
8th Nov 2022 Guardian companion app
5th Nov 2022 b - Basal improvements
5th Nov 2022
4th Nov 2022 Companion app backfilling
3rd Nov 2022 Added Dex1 for ONE in menus
2nd Nov 2022 CareLink follower
1st Nov 2022 Aidex improvements
31st Oct 2022 720min (12h) snooze value
25th Oct 2022 Gradle update
15th Oct 2022 EGlucose added to companion app
13th Oct 2022 Companion app Bluetooth support
5th Oct 2022 CareLink and Aidex fixes, allow scan in Libre receiver
21st Sep 2022 Transmitter EOL handling
14th Sep 2022 CareLink fixes
8th Sep 2022 b - Cloud backup
8th Sep 2022 CareLink treatments, Aidex receiver
6th Sep 2022 CareLink follower integration
2nd Sep 2022 UI based limit raised to 405 mg/dl
1st Sep 2022 Alerts sounds picking fix
31st Aug 2022 Libre trend fix
25th Aug 2022 Decommission low fuzzer, custom sounds fix, UI based filtering
24th Aug 2022 Custom audio files fix
20th Aug 2022 WatchDrip+ fix
19th Aug 2022 Filtering test
18th Aug 2022 Removed NFC warning, don't send Libre blocks in Sync, de-dupe cont'd, do not loop audio
3rd Aug 2022 Cleanup (old NFC traces)
2nd Aug 2022 Smoothing cont'd
1st Aug 2022 b - Smoothing implementation start
1st Aug 2022 De-duplicate preliminary
26th Jul 2022 Web follow refresh on fail, Expand data limit (Wear, Pebble),
23rd Jul 2022 Sensor expiry default on, ensure web follow off, Libre block sync improvement
show aged raw only if set
21st Jul 2022 Expand data limit for shorter readings period
14th Jul 2022 Configurable BG text and arrow colors for high/low BG
13th Jul 2022 OB1 special pairing workaround, virtual sensor auto-start
11th Jul 2022 Watch broadcast (WatchDrip+)
6th Jul 2022 Settings export toast message fix
5th Jul 2022 Add stats range, rename transmitter ID in system status, typo
1st Jul 2022 Notify monthly engineering mode is on
28th Jun 2022 Multiple insulins treatment digits
20th Jun 2022 b - UI based arrow and slope calculation, age adjusted G6 raw values
13th Jun 2022 Web Follower
12th Jun 2022 OOP2 before 1.2 not allowed, moved AAPS import message to log
9th Jun 2022 G6 improvements (Android 12, expiry highlight, start and stop)
2nd Jun 2022 UI based companion data source (testing)
1st Jun 2022 Reduce notifications, calibrations improvement
26th May 2022 NSClient absolute basal
19th May 2022 G6v2 raw scaling fix
16th May 2022 OOP1 fix
12th May 2022 Version detail in status
11th May 2022 Time lock, prefs search fix
10th May 2022 System status and code cleanup
9th May 2022 TBR cap
8th May 2022 Absolute basal preliminary
7th May 2022 Visible alert notification when bypassing silent mode
6th May 2022 Fix "don't use for calibration"
4th May 2022 Glucomen Aero support
3rd May 2022 b - Improvements: NovoPen, G6 start session
3rd May 2022 cont'd: fix calibration transition
2nd May 2022 Libre 2 native calibration
1st May 2022 More profile import handling/sounds work
1st May 2022 Update profile import timezone handling
30th Apr 2022 Enable/disable AAPS import profile sounds
29th Apr 2022 Cleanup, Basal upload to Tidepool
28th Apr 2022 Import profile from AAPS
27th Apr 2022 Libre Pro support (NFC and bridges)
26th Apr 2022 New Crowdin updates
25th Apr 2022 Improve dynamic warmup time reporting
22nd Apr 2022 G6 dynamic warm up periods
20th Apr 2022 Add option for audio focus during alerts
19th Apr 2022 Libre/Dex calibration leak fix
15th Apr 2022 Menu display improvement moving into summary
14th Apr 2022 Libre log cleanup, prefs cleanup
12th Apr 2022 Alert sound player improvement
11th Apr 2022 NovoPen support, BG treatment to calibration leak fix
6th Apr 2022 b - Translation bug fix, BG treatment to calibration leak fix
6th Apr 2022 Translation bug fix, treatments and flair names changes
5th Apr 2022 Bluejay with phone collector
4th Apr 2022 Min Android version 4.4, cleanup, media player fixes
3rd Apr 2022 Stack trace log
28th Mar 2022 Cleanup
27th Mar 2022 OOP2new native algorithm support
26th Mar 2022 Reminders improvements, Java 11 compilation
17th Mar 2022 Reminders features improvements
11th Mar 2022 Libre code cleanup
2nd Mar 2022 NFC L2 scan fix
25th Feb 2022 b - Fixes bug below
25th Feb 2022 Build fixes, bug: do not use with Estonian language
15th Feb 2022 Gradle actions upgrade to V2, manual slot selection
9th Feb 2022 Dex share authentication, wrong detection of Wear on Android watches
31st Jan 2022 Gradle, date, external status
28th Jan 2022 Date parsing fix, G6 backfill for Wear
27th Jan 2022 Make preferences translatable, add grams to carbs treatments
25th Jan 2022 Code cleanup
15th Jan 2022 Build mechanisms fixes, update Google truth
14th Jan 2022 AAPS TBR fix, no backfill before sensor start (required for AAPS 3.0)
8th Jan 2022 GitHub discussions (now deprecated use these)
4th Jan 2022 Libre code refactor, bugfix, typos
3rd Jan 2022 Translation improvements, update build Gradle, cleanup
24th Dec 2021 Time range lock, default override silent mode and force speaker,
8th Dec 2021 Update channel dependencies, basic http authentication
2nd Dec 2021 Enhance DexShareFollow service, trend arrow
1st Dec 2021 No delay for the ascending volume profile
23rd Nov 2021
22nd Nov 2021 Libre trend
18th Nov 2021 NumberWall
17th Nov 2021 Libre
16th Nov 2021