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Companion app

If you're using the vendor app, you can have xDrip+ get sensor data from it.

This feature is available for:

  • G6 (master only)
  • One (only if the app shows BG notifications)
  • G7 (master only)
  • CamAPS
  • Guardian
  • MiniMed
  • Omnipod 5 app
  • Eversense app

In order to use this feature you need to authorize xDrip+ to access notifications.

Older Android versions

Android 13 and above

Allow notification access greyed out

If you cannot allow notification access, check the three dots menu in the app settings and chose Allow restricted settings.

You will get data in xDrip+ when available in the app and notifications from the app are visible on the phone.

If no data is visible and no error message pops-up you might need to Start sensor.

Last modified 16/1/2024