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Which one to install?

xDrip+ is not available in the Google Play store. You will find all releases in Github.
You have two main choices when installing xDrip+, either install the Latest release or a Pre-release.


If you already have xDrip+ installed on your phone you don't need to uninstall it before installing an update.
If you use a forked version and want to change xDrip+ to an official release, or vice versa, follow this.

Multiple xDrip+ installation

If you need to install more than one xDrip+ on the same phone you need a variant.

Latest release

Latest release is a stable version of xDrip+. It doesn't have all the newest features but has proven stability and doesn't suffer severe bugs. It's a safe version to start with unless you need a specific feature (see the change log to check).

You can download it from here or follow this QR code:

You will also find it in the main repository selecting Latest.


Pre-release include most recent xDrip+ developments like translations, new features and bug fixes. And it might also contain some bugs... Still, it is the version you want to use to benefit most recent improvements.

All xDrip+ versions are available here.

Expand the assets and select the .apk file. You will find it in your phone's Downloads directory.


Do not use Facebook links to download xDrip+ but copy and paste the link into a browser (like Chrome).

Download warning

xDrip+ downloaded from is safe.

Forked versions

Some developers add features and customizations that are not available in the official pre-releases until the author will create a Pull Request in xDrip+ and get it merged in the main project.

Updating forked versions

You can use these versions but need to understand they might be supported only by their creator.
xDrip+ automatic updates won't work with forked versions.
Also keep in mind you cannot install a forked version if you have an official version installed on your phone:
you will need to uninstall it first.
The same applies for the other way round (from forked to official).


Four variants are regularly released to allow a total of 5 xDrip+ being installed on your phone. This can prove particularly useful to follow more than one person at a time.


It is not recommended to use a variant connected to your sensor: use the main release only.
Only use variants for followers.
Some early versions of xDrip+ leaked values when using AAPS/NSClient. Use the latest variants.

You can download variants here.

Sort them by last modified first and choose the variant to download.

Once downloaded a variant, proceed like a normal xDrip+ install.

Variants don't update automatically. You need to download and install updates on top of the current variant version (you don't need to uninstall it) just make sure you select the same variant (1 to 4).

Last modified 3/2/2023