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Nightscout follower


For using xDrip+ with data coming from your Nightscout site, you only need to enter your site URL, you can also download compatible treatments from Nightscout (BG, calibrations, treatments).

With a classic DIY Nightscout URL it will look like this:

If you use a hosted service contact the vendor for more information.

If your Nightscout site is secured, you need to add the API_SECRET or a token information.

xDrip+ performs limited (24 hours) data backfilling from Nightscout.


You can receive data from Diabox by enabling http broadcast in the app and making xDrip+ a local follower.


You cannot use this feature with xDrip+ running a web service.

Once done set xDrip+ in Nightscout follower (see above) with the address:


Last modified 3/5/2023