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There are many settings in xDrip+, if you can't find what you're looking for, use the search lens top right and enter the keyword you're looking for.

Glucose Units

In this menu you can select the units used by xDrip+ (mg/dl or mmol/l) and set high and low targets.
These two targets will decide when the graph BG dots change color above or below target.

Alarms and Alerts

Hardware Data Source

These settings depend on the data source selected.

Auto Configure

Auto configure will help you copy settings between two xDrip+ apps installed on different phones.

Cloud Upload

Cloud upload is used to configure various sharing and data upload features.

Glucose Meters

You can connect compatible glucose meters to xDrip+.

Smart Watch Features

Various smartwatch can receive data and display them from xDrip+, some can even act as a standalone collector.

Speak Readings

xDrip+ can use the phone to speak values and alerts.

Inter-app Settings

xDrip+ can accept or send data to other apps, and act as a local web server.

Less Common Settings

More settings are available in this menu.

xDrip+ Display Settings

xDrip+ Predictive Simulation Settings

xDrip+ Sync Settings

xDrip+ Motion Tracking

xDrip+ Update Settings

Show Settings QR Code

This feature is used to transfer settings between phones.

Load / Save Settings

You can backup and retrieve your xDrip+ settings.

Insulin Pens

Some insulin pens can be used with xDrip+.

Last modified 12/4/2022