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Load / Save Settings

You also can access it from the 3 dots menu: Import Export features Load/Save settings

You will find all options in this view.

Save Settings

Your settings will be saved in /storage/emulated/0/Download/xDrip-Export for old versions (export to SD) or in the Download/xDrip-export folder for recent versions
You need to authorize xDrip+ to access your phone memory.

Existing backup file will be overwritten

If you want to keep a safe copy, send yourself the file by email, save in on a cloud drive or copy it via USB to a computer.

Load Settings

Existing settings will be overwritten

You might need to restart your phone to complete the operation.

Delete Settings

Exported settings contain private information, once transfered to another phone or a safe location you might want to delete the backup.

Last modified 28/3/2022