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G6/ONE setup

Reference documentation is here.


Every time you will want to perform a Stop Sensor operation, ask yourself "Do I really want to do that?".
On the other hand, "starting" a sensor that is already started won't harm unless you change the calibration code.
G6 sensor restart is not a simple stop and start operation.


Do not attempt to start a sensor before verifying settings and connection.
Check system status when running into trouble.
Follow the steps below without skipping them.
Even if xDrip+ insists you should start the sensor, do NOT start it before you've setup everything correctly. Hit the back button to get rid of the message until instructed to start the sensor.

Verify your settings

If you haven't yet, check xDrip+ will not be put to sleep (then come back here).

Enter the correct transmitter code, verify it.
Take a picture of the transmitter code: since it's written below this will avoid you having a bad time recovering it if you lose it.

Carefully check your settings.

Do NOT enable restart sensor.

With Android versions below 10 disable Avoid Scanning.
With Android versions 10 and above, if you experience disconnections you can try to disable first Avoid Scanning and eventually also Minimize Scanning.

If you use a Samsung phone with Android 11 and above, you should enable this.

Manual slot selection is not yet normally available.

Menu / Settings / Less Common Settings / Bluetooth Settings


Mind the Bluetooth watchdog and G5 Bluetooth watchdog with turn off then on your phone Bluetooth, this will lead to a temporary Bluetooth disconnection on all connected devices. You might want to disable this feature if you use AAPS and your bridge/pump doesn't recover automatically Bluetooth connection.

For Samsung phones you must disable Trust Auto-Connect! If your phone is not a Samsung but loses connection you can try to disable it too.

For Android version 8 and above you can enable Use Background Scans. If you lose connection, leave it disabled.

Disable automatic calibration.

Restart your phone to make sure all parameters are being taken into account.

Check connection

Insert the transmitter in your sensor.
You will not be able to connect xDrip+ if the transmitter is not is not inserted in the sensor.

Now go to system status and make sure the transmitter is connected.

Do not continue until battery information is available.

Once connection is confirmed proceed to start sensor.

Last modified 13/7/2022