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Cloud Upload

Cloud upload allows you to upload your BG to various cloud services or databases.

Nightscout Sync (REST-API)

Nightscout is the universal method to share your BG numbers and much more...

Enable it to upload from xDrip+ to your site. Upload is supported for xDrip+ Sync followers, and sensors direct connection.

Make sure this is enabled if you're using a cellular phone with a SIM and a data plan, else it will only upload when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

If you use filters or calibration plugins, you can select this to send to Nightscout the data as displayed by xDrip+ instead of uncalibrated/unfiltered data.

The base URL is composed by your API_SECRET (or TOKEN) and the URL of your site.
The example provided in the dialog was for an Azure based Nightscout.
The URL format should be like this:

Contact the vendor if you use NS10BE or T1Pal.

If you use a classic DIY Nightscout, it will be like:

and you'll find the API_SECRET variable in Heroku.

In the case you have several devices uploading to Nightscout (not recommended) you might want to also download treatments from Nightscout to see the information that was uploaded by the others.

In the case you have more than one Nightscout site, xDrip+ can upload to multiple space separated Nightscout URLs.

Automatic Calibration

This is the same Automatic Calibration setup in calibrations. Use with care.

If your Nightscout is only on a local server, don't try to upload data to Nightscout when you're not home.

You can upload your bridge or sensor battery level (if supported).

Your can upload locally entered treatments to Nightscout Care Portal.

You can setup an alert when upload fails, and add more information to the BG data uploaded.

If you recently created a Nightscout site and want to upload your historical data from xDrip+ database, you can use back-fill.

Select the first day of the period you want to upload (until today) and touch DO IT!
Depending on the amount of data and network speed, upload can take a very long time (hours).



This method has been deprecated.

You can directly upload BG and device status in a Mongo Database.

MongoDB upload has been deprecated since mLab was acquired by MongoDB and many migrated to Atlas: you cannot use a DNS seed URI mongodb+srv.
Use this feature only if you run your own Mongo database, default port is 27017.

The connection string URI structure is:


In order to keep the database compatible with Nightscout, do not change Collection name or Device status collection name from default (if you do change them you'll also have to modify the corresponding variables in Nightscout MONGODB_COLLECTION and MONGO_DEVICESTATUS_COLLECTION).


Uploaded data might not show in the Nightscout web page but only in Nightscout reports.


You can also upload to an InfluxDB and use Grafana to present your data.

Mind your InfluxDB URI will be expressed like:

https://host_address:port for example for a local server:

Dexcom Share Server Upload

Once you have an active follower, created by the Dexcom apps, you can use xDrip+ to manage your followers.


You can upload your BG to Dexcom share, not to Clarity.

If you use an USA account enable this, for any country outside of the US leave it disabled.

Enter the credentials you use to log into Clarity.

If you don't own a physical receiver you can use sm00000000

Invite followers and fill all the information.

You will receive the invitation email, accept it and you'll have a new follower.

You can also delete followers from the list.


If you have a Tidepool account, you can upload automatically your data and share with your endocrinologist.
If xDrip+ can display basal information from an external status, it will also be uploaded to Tidepool.

Add your email address and password (those you used to register).
Once done, test the connection.

Tidepool doesn't need real time data, select the amount of data to upload.

Do not use test servers (keep unselected).

You can select to upload at specific conditions to save battery and data costs.

If you also upload data manually from your pump, you might want to disable xDrip+ treatments upload to avoid duplicates.

Last modified 1/4/2023