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Android Settings

Android offers many energy savings options, whilst they are helpful to gain more battery autonomy, they can easily target functions that are mandatory for a CGM system.

All settings described below will be available in your phone Android settings, appearance will greatly vary and depend on the phone vendor customizations.

Battery Saver

Whenever going below a certain battery level, Android will shut down many services and prevent xDrip+ to function normally. Make sure you always keep a power bank with you to avoid this situation.

During normal phone use, make sure it is not enabled.

Apps battery savings

Each phone app can be customized in terms of battery savings. Whenever experiencing issues, you should carefully review them. This also applies to OOP, WatchDrip+ (if used) and Bluetooth.

Android upgrades and updates

Updates and upgrades might reset these settings to default, always double-check afterwards.

Android 10

Android 11 and above

xDrip+ should run unrestricted.


You will most probably find Bluetooth in System app (three dots menu).
Some Android phones don't show the Bluetooth app.

Bluetooth should run unrestricted if xDrip+ connects directly to a sensor.

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