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Out of Process Algorithm

Out of process algorithms are external apps which function is to perform data processing that is not directly provided by xDrip+.

They are only used for Libre sensors and bridges now.

There are two different families of Out Of Process Algorithms (OOP):

OOP Version Version date Supported sensors File size
OOP1 (2bb9458) 2018-08-26 Libre 17.1MB
OOP1new (fa218ef) 2019-11-22 Libre, Libre 2 EU 25.3MB
OOP1us (e901151) - do not use 2019-09-13 Libre 14 days US (old) 27.8MB
OOP2 (70129ac) - do not use 2021-12-04 Libre 2 EU 2.63MB
OOP2new (93e5cac) - do not use 2020-12-08 Libre 14 days US, Libre 2 EU 2.65MB
OOP2 1.2 (8a0ee8f) - do not use 2022-06-10 Libre 14 days US (old), Libre 2 EU 2.66MB
OOP2_e6 (6de6678) - do not use 2023-01-10 Libre 14 days US (new), Libre 2 EU 2.66MB
OOP2_more (27da3f5) 2023-05-25 Libre 14 days US (new), Libre 2 EU (new) 2.66MB


Old Android versions ONLY

Maximum supported Android version is 9.
Few Android 10 and above phones have been reported to be functioning with OOP1new/OOP1us.

OOP1 provides readings similar to the vendor reader without calibrating. You need a compatible bridge if using any. OOP1 also applies to NFC scan results.

No calibration possible

Calibrations will be ignored when using OOP1.
This is a safety feature as xDrip+ cannot perform sanity checks on data provided by OOP1.

Two versions are available: Libre 1 and Libre 2 EU or Libre 14 Days US.
Note: you need to be logged into your Google account to access the links above

Out Of process Algorithm must be enabled when using OOP1.


OOP2 provides decoding for the Libre 14 days US and the Libre 2 EU sensor, either for direct connection (Libre 2 EU only) or using a compatible bridge.

Calibration is optional

You can either calibrate from raw data, not calibrate or add a calibration to native data.
Check the OOP2 settings.

Use only the latest OOP2 app (LINK HERE) with the latest xDrip+ version.
Note: you need to be logged into your Google account to access the link above


Out Of process Libre Algorithm must be disabled when using OOP2.


Some older xDrip+ versions will detect the presence or necessity of the out of process algorithm.

Make sure you enable it only for OOP1 and not for OOP2.


Use service corresponds to switching ON or OFF the OOP app. If you want to use it it must be enabled.

Foreground service is an addition that makes it less probable the app will be put to sleep by the phone.
Enable it if you have data loss (recommended).

Direct intent can be enabled if your standalone Wear OS smartwatch requires it (bridge necessary).

You can select the period at which OOP will make sure it's available.
When having data loss you can reduce the interval. The less the interval, the more battery use it will require.

Last modified 26/5/2023