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Other Misc. Options

More options are available in this menu.
If they are hidden here it's probably because you won't need to change them every day, or you should leave them as they are unless instructed differently.

Run collector in foreground

Mandatory to keep xDrip+ from being put to sleep by Android.
This will force displaying a graph in the notifications area, you shouldn't disable it.

Engineering mode

Enables feature that are potentially dangerous or untested. You do not need it to be enabled for restarting a G5 or an old G6 transmitter (newer ones will be permanently damaged). It will automatically disable when restarting xDrip+ (rebooting your phone for example).

To enable engineering mode enter the following treatment.

You will be reminded monthly engineering mode is on. Make sure you really need it, else keep it disabled.

Battery Optimization Prompt

Should be left disabled. xDrip+ needs whitelisting and shouldn't be subject to optimization.

Samsung Workarounds

Renamed to Wake Workarounds as other devices are not compliant.

Wake Workarounds

Fixed a non compliance in respect to some Android of devices, now default.
Should be kept enabled.

Use Excessive Wakelocks is not required. They are additional "wake-up" messages sent by xDrip+ to your Android device to prevent it to go in sleep mode.

Display Predictive Values (old method) is deprecated. Use Predictive Simulation.

Proper Ongoing is mandatory for devices with Android 8 and above.

Out of Process Algorithm

Out Of Process Algorithm enables the integration of an external plugin to give vendor like BG values for Libre sensors or provide decoding of the Libre 2 EU sensor information.
If the external app doesn't exist on your phone or doesn't provide the information, xDrip+ will not display BG.


This option should only be enabled if using an Out Of Process algorithm version 1 (OOP1).
It must be disabled for OOP2.


You can use OOP2 in different ways:

  • No calibration generates vendor like values (native mode) without the need of calibrating. It doesn't mean that results are not calibrated (raw) but a vendor-like algorithm is applied (like the Libre 1 reader).
  • Calibrate based on raw uses the sensor raw data (no temperature correction) like Libre 1. You will use the xDrip+ calibration algorithm.
  • Calibrate based on glucose allows you to apply xDrip+ calibration to native values. Raw data are transformed using the vendor-like algorithm, then fed to the xDrip+ calibration algorithm.

Smooth Libre data averages on 5 measurement. This will also delay readings.
If this option doesn't bring the improvement expected, also try Smooth Sensor Noise.

Retrieve Libre History is required for BluCon bridges. Other bridges perform backfilling automatically.

This option is not available at all.

Last modified 6/26/2023