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How to use this documentation?

This documentation is based on the latest Nightly Build (allow a few days latency after release).

If you're completely new to xDrip+

If you want to install it for the first time continue to ⇒ prerequisites and follow the flow.

If you're already using xDrip+

If you don't find a feature documented here and want it, you might need to update your xDrip+ app.
See at the bottom of each page the version at which it was written, if you have an older version it might not include the feature.


Engineering mode features are voluntarily not documented.

Original documentation

This documentation is a collection of various sources, when applicable you will find links to the original and reference documentation.
Always rely on the original documentation unless obsolete (will be mentioned).


The documentation is only available in English for now.
You might find it easier to follow if you switch your xDrip+ to English and read it using and automatic translation with Google.

You can search the documentation for a menu or a term using the upper right search lens feature (only English).

Typo, error, missing information

You're welcome to feedback opening an issue in GitHub.

You're welcome to contribute creating a pull request in the main repository.

You can also feedback in the the main Facebook group xDrip or in Gitter (GitHub recommended though).

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