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xDrip+ direct integration

xDrip+ offers a wide range of smartwatch support.

Android Wear Integration

You'll find the most complete integration in Wear OS watches as they are running a part of the xDrip+ app locally.
Some of them can be used as standalone collectors (no phone required) when connecting to a sensor (some sensors).

If you need more watchfaces or customizations you can use Tasker (but not as a standalone collector).

Pebble Integration

Pebble smartwatch use is a historic milestone of CGM in the Cloud. Pebble has been bought by Fitbit in 2016 and resources have moved to archives and

You need to download the watch app from APKMirror.

AmazFit Sync Service

AmazFit was used only for Pace and Stratos models.
You cannot use this feature for other AmazFit watches.

BlueJay Watch

BlueJay is an incredible companion of your Dexcom sensor, with or without xDrip+, with or without phone.

LeFun Band

LeFun band integration was an early implementation for smartbands, best if used in mmol/l.
Unless you still own a LeFun W3, F3, F3S, F11 or F12 band this is not of any use now.


MiBand integration is the result of the huge work of Artem.
Many smartwatches and smartbands are now supported using the companion app WatchDrip+.

If you use WatchDrip+ you should disable MiBand.

Smartwatch Sensors

xDrip+ can use supported smartwatches sensors.

When available you can let xDrip+ collect health data like heartrate and steps.

Two additional icons will appear on the main view, and if enabled, a graphic representations:

  1. A dark blue graph for heartrate
  2. A light cyan cloud line for steps

xDrip+ can request the heartbeat sensor to activate and you can smooth that graph.

Other smartwatches

More smartwatches and devices can receive data from xDrip+ even if they are not directly integrated in the app.


In order to have xDrip+ send data you need to enable xDrip+ web service.



Some Fitbit apps have a secure http bug preventing them to receive data from xDrip+.
If you run an Android version below 10 you need to downgrade the app to a previous version like 3.58 and disable automatic updates. You can find it in Aptoide and other apk hosting servers.
If you run an Android version of 10 and above, update the Fitbit app to 3.65 (minimum) and upgrade the watch firmware to latest.


Ionic/Sense/Versa/Versa 2/Versa 3/Versa 4/Versa Lite

Web site


Sentinel Elite for Sense/Versa 3
Sentinel Pro for Ionic/Versa/Versa 2/Versa Lite

Facebook group: Sentinel


Ionic/Sense/Versa/Versa 2/Versa Lite


Analog CGM
Orbits NS
Radial CGM

Ionic/Versa/Versa 2/Versa Lite/Versa 3/Sense

Samsung Gear

G-Watch is the easiest way to perform this. See the wiki.

You can also use Tasker to display xDrip+ data on your Samsung Gear watch.


Many Garmin watchfaces are available, check your model is supported.

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Last modified 8/10/2022