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Main menu

Many items can be added to this menu, by default you'll find the following ones:

Home Screen just returns to the main view.

System Status shows internal information on your data source, sharing, smartwatch status.

Snooze Alert will give you options to snooze or disable alerts.

Statistics provide basic statistics.

History allows you to browse previous days data.

Settings opens the settings menu.

Additionally if can show more entries if you add items or when you use a sensor.

You will see sensor actions if you use xDrip+ directly connected to a sensor, also on xDrip+ Sync follower if the master is.

Start Sensor or Stop Sensor refer to your sensor relative section before using these functions.


xDrip+ Sync follower can transmit Start or Stop sensor and calibrations remotely.
Be extremely careful when using these features on a follower.

For Bluetooth bridges (G4 and Libre) you will also see Scan Bluetooth.

Level Alerts will show if enabled in Alerts and Alarms.

BG Data Table, Calibration Graph and Calibration Data Table should be added if you use xDrip+ calibration algorithm.


When xDrip+ has been in use for some time, history allows you to browse old data.

  1. browse the previous number of day(s)
  2. browse the next number of day(s)
  3. define the number of days displayed on the screen (from 1 to 14)
  4. enable or disable statistics

Last modified 28/3/2022