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You can use these guidelines for the official xDrip+ release and forked versions.

xDrip+ Official Release supports MiBand 2, 3, 4 and broadcast to WatchDrip+.


Make sure you have BG readings in xDrip+ before trying to have them on your watch.
If xDrip+ doesn't receive readings on your phone, they won't be displayed on the watch.


Obtain an authentication key

If you already paired your watch with the vendor app

  • Unpair the watch.
  • Uninstall MiFit or Zepp, or whatever app you used to connect your watch.

  • Delete the old key files (use a file browser on your phone) in the phone memory freemyband folder.
    Recommended if you can't get xDrip+ to connect to the watch.
    Note: the name below is an example

Install the patched app matching your watch

Go to

Download and install Zepp for Amazfit watches.
Download and install MiFit for Xiaomi smartbands.

Authenticate with mail and password. Create an account if necessary.

Pair your smartband.

Enable watch visibility. If you don't find this option make sure you have set your age to 18 and above.

Check a key file was created in the phone memory freemyband folder.

You can uninstall the patched app. This is not mandatory. If you want to install the original app, use the same email account to login.

Not using WatchDrip+

Only MiBand 2, 3 and 4

Setup xDrip+

Switch the MiBand feature on. Keep your watch close to your phone until it gets detected.

Mac Address should populate automatically.

If it doesn't (unexpected):
Delete the file(s) in the freemyband folder.
Open the patched watch app.
Retry: switch off then on the MiBand feature.

You can also try to enter the watch mac address manually. You will find it in the filename in the freemyband folder.
For example if the name is mibandFFEEDDCCBBAA.txt the corresponding mac address will be FF:EE:DD:CC:BB:AA.

Keep an eye on toast messages: during smartwatch authentication you should see the following:

If authorization fails, delete the file(s) in the freemyband folder and open the patched app to regenerate it.

If xDrip+ can't get the authentication key automatically, you can try to insert it manually. You will find it editing the file.

Make sure the watch is connected and matches the mac address before manually entering the key.

Once connected and authenticated, enable Send Readings. Wait for the next value in xDrip+, the watchface should update.

To force the watch to update, you can manually send a reading. Look carefully at toast messages.

If you have trouble displaying the graph, try to disable high MTU values.


You can enable and disable MiBand integration with the main switch. When troubleshooting don't hesitate to turn it off then on to restart it.

The watch mac address should be detected automatically when the field is left empty. You can manually edit it and write the 6 two-digits hex values, colon separated, of your watch.

When a valid mac address is found you will also see the key field. If it's not filled automatically you can manually enter the 32 characters authentication key.

You must enable this to have readings sent to the watch.

You can enable various options to have the watch vibrate on readings, receive alarms or receive notifications as phone calls.

You can force watchface refresh using Update BG manually.

More customizations are available in this menu.

You can create your own watchface and modify the background image using these features.
Keep them disabled unless you have correctly set the files required in the phone xdrip folder.

For tips an example look here.

Disable High MTU can be used when experiencing watchface display issues.

Using WatchDrip+

Install WatchDrip+

Disable MiBand in xDrip+ if you use WatchDrip+

Setup xDrip+

Enable Broadcast Service API in Settings -> Inter-app Settings

Last modified 11/7/2022